Why Your Online Shop Needs An eCommerce Referral Marketing Program

Products? Check. Customers? Check. It's time for your online shop to develop an eCommerce referral marketing program.

It's hard to imagine a time when items weren't available to purchase online or through a mobile app, but we're only two decades into the eCommerce era. This instant-access age is book-ended by static brick-and-mortar stores and the unforeseeable future that awaits all new trends. According to eMarketer, eCommerce purchases are predicted to account for 8.8% of the total retail market worldwide by 2018.

No matter what happens, you can bet that consumers and products won't be taken out of the equation. In order to stand out from the crowd and entice loyal customers, brands must develop creative ways for customers to interact with products and services. Acquiring customers, expanding reach, and exploring a new revenue stream may sound like a tall order, but developing an eCommerce referral program can be an innovative, all-in-one marketing solution for your online shop.

By enrolling customers as brand ambassadors for your business, you empower them to refer your company to others. With an automated eCommerce referral platform, your company can track brand ambassador activity while managing new and existing leads. Perhaps you haven't considered incorporating a referral marketing strategy for your online shop, but it's necessary if you want to stay ahead of the eCommerce curve.

eCommerce referral programs allow your customers to:

Become brand ambassadors and influencers

Brands love customers that are loyal and loud. With an eCommerce referral program, your brand can connect with those customers that have a personal connection to your company and aren’t afraid to tell everyone about it. Your company probably has an image of the ideal buyer persona that will evangelize your business, but companies can use actual data and real-time activity gathered from referral marketing campaigns to see who is really sharing. This insight can guide future campaigns and even uncover a new group that needs nurturing.

Engage anywhere and everywhere

Automated referral marketing platforms give you the ability to reach your customers in various ways to refer your business via their preferred method of sharing. Emails, social media shares, and text messages with shareable links that are unique to each ambassador can be as easy as a click of a button. Pretty soon, you won’t just be an online destination, you’ll be a brand that rides along with customers on their journey.

Participate in one-of-a-kind opportunities

Showing your customers that you appreciate them becomes much easier when you have a simple way to reach out and offer exclusive perks. Maybe you want to reward VIP customers with a special offer or give brand new leads an incentive to keep them coming back. eCommerce referral marketing platforms are flexible and customizable enough to reach your customers in ways that other marketing collateral can’t.

Setting Up Shop

Any online shop that wants to empower their growing community of customers while diversifying their buyer journey should automate their eCommerce referral program. It’s the best way to drive revenue while blazing new paths for customers to find and love your products.


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